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You need one of these 6 Highly Recommended Backup Drives for your Data

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Don’t leave the safety of your data to chance! These backup drives are all high quality and reliable options that you should be considering when backing up your data. Find a drive below.

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD

This product was recommended by Stacy Caprio from Deals Scoop

The SanDisk 1TB hard-drive is the best computer back-up drive. 1 TB is a very large storage amount, so you’ll likely be able to store all of your computer’s data without worrying the drive will run out of space. The drive is also shock resistant and resistant to a large temperature range, meaning your data will be safe from most disturbances.

Western Digital Blue External Hard Drive 1TB 7200 RPM

This product was recommended by Thomas Pederson from Vekhayn LLC

The WD blue external hard drive is a classic and a staple. With the industry’s lowest fail rate, this hard drive will basically never fail. Western Digital’s biggest competitor Seagate has had wildly unreliable hard drive failures that lose people’s data without warning. Western Digital is not only known for their reliability but the speed and low price. Western Digital is a brand I’ve used for a full decade now, and my dad still reliably uses their incredibly trusty external hard drives. Plus, it’s 7200RPMs, so it’s still modern and meets or exceeds speeds of most hard drives in 2020.

Seagate Backup External Hard Drive

This product was recommended by Linda Morgan from MotivationNook

Seagate 10TB external hard drive works with both Mac and Windows. It can transfer files from USB drives and cameras. It also doubles as a portable charger. The 10TB drive will give you ample storage for all your documents and photos. Its cross-platform design makes it ideal for anyone.

SecureData SecureDrive BT

This product was recommended by Mike Vanoverbeke from Secure Data

The SecureDrive BT is the ideal backup solution for both desktop and laptop computers. The device is OS independent to work across all systems with a USB port. It has storage capacities ranging from 250GB to 8TB to store all your office documents, photos, videos, and other desktop files. The device is hardware encrypted and can only be unlocked using the secure mobile app or through biometric indicators such as facial recognition and fingerprints for total security. It even comes with preloaded antivirus to prevent corrupted files from being transferred to the device. The device itself is designed with a tough epoxy coating to reliably protect data in any long-term storage environment.

Seagate (STGY8000400) Desktop 8TB External Hard Drive HDD

This product was recommended by Rupert Pople from Your Smart Home Guide

With a simplistic and classy black design, the Seagate Hard Drive is sold as multiple sizes from 500GB to 10TB. It is a simple yet highly effective piece of kit that delivers on its promise. As it has USB 3.0 it can transmit data at a rapid 5Gbps.

Toshiba Canvio Advance 4TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0

This product was recommended by Rick Wallace from TackleVillage

Toshiba is a highly respected manufacturer of portable hard drives and brings users Japanese quality at a comparatively affordable price point. At Tackle Village, we are always fishing for a bargain, and having used the Canvio range for several years we can attest to its quality. These portable hard drives range in size from 0.5TB to 4TB. We have the 1TB version in black (also comes in blue, white and maroon) and couldn’t be happier with its performance and ease of use. It’s essentially plug and play and works fine with the Macs we operate, on as well as all Microsoft devices. The advantage of a portable hard drive over a solid-state drive, along with the far lower cost, is it is bus powered and therefore requires no external power supply. The Canvio connects via USB 3.0 and can achieve transfer speeds of 150MB per second yet it is still small enough to fit into a suit pocket.

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