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Best Ergonomic Keyboards For Avoiding Ulnar Wrist Pain

Feel so much comfortable with a natural wrist posture on a ergonomic keyboard!

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If you’re feeling a pain on the side of your wrist below your pinky, you might be experiencing ulnar nerve pain.

A more natural wrist position can help the symptoms retreat. With more of us typing thousands of words a day, it’s no wonder a conventional flat keyboard design isn’t healthy. That’s why ergonomic keyboards are what we all need.

These keyboards offer a healthy resting angle for your fingers and wrist, avoiding strain from long hours. Not only will you enjoy typing, you’ll feel more productive as a result of your healthier hand posture.

It’ll only take getting one of these keyboards, which have been praised for their build quality and longevity (they’re one of the most long lasting keyboard in the world). Oh, and the different layout will take you a week at most to get used to. A small price to pay!

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600)

This product was recommended by Adrian Try from SoftwareHow

Too many people suffer from pain due to typing for long periods of time. The keyboard that will help with pain (and long-term health) the most isn’t the cheapest. It’s the one designed by specialists in ergonomics. When Kinesis created the Advantage2, they included every ergonomic strategy in the book.

The key heights follow the varying lengths of your fingers, and the keyboard is split so that your hands are at shoulder width. The keyboard is on an angle vertically and tented horizontally to place your wrists in their most natural position. It includes a comfortable palm rest and frequently used keys like Enter, Space, and Backspace are located close to your thumbs to spare your pinkies the extra work.

I wanted to see how effective those strategies are, so I turned to consumer reviews. One user in his forties couldn’t type for more than 10 minutes without blinding head pain. He reported that using this keyboard resolved strain on his neck, back, shoulders, fingers, and chest. Another reviewer swears by the durability of Kinesis keyboards, and a programmer found that he became much more productive after taking a week to adjust to the new layout. The Advance2 might work for you too.

Old Model Ergo Pro for Windows

This product was recommended by Ronald D’Souza from Angel Jackets

Old is gold. This ergonomically designed keyboard has an extended soft, comfy cushion area for wrist placement that is best for users suffering from ulnar wrist pain.

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