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13 Best Laptops That Writers Love Typing On

The laptops that care about ergonomics

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If you’re typing a lot, you should know that a keyboard and the size of your laptop is as important as seating position and hand posture. Avoiding something like carpal tunnel syndrome is important in our profession, which is why we placed the ergonomics of these laptops at the same level as speed and longevity.

Many of these laptops come from Lenovo, because their comfortable keys are a joy to write on. On top of that, every laptop on this list (and our site in general) nails the basics: long battery life, a great non-strain screen, and practicality.

No step wrong in this list – there’s something for every budget!

This contribution was submitted by Hamna Amjad from Indoor Champ

Being a content marketer, I have to do a lot of writing and my Lenovo ThinkPad E590 is the best choice for it. Over the years, I have used many laptops and found this one to be the best among all.

  • It’s very light-weight (only 4.7 pounds) and has a slim and ergonomic design, which makes it ideal for writers. It can easily fit into your bag and you can take it anywhere you want to work from (café, beach, park, etc.)
  • All writers want to type smoothly without any glitches and Lenovo’s ThinkPads are known for their excellent keyboards. The keys are slightly curved for the comfortable typing experience.
  • Writers spend endless hours in front of their screens; thinking of new ideas, writing, editing, proof-reading and more. The anti-glare screen of this laptop reduces the strain on the eyes, which is a plus.
  • Its powerful battery life (more than 12 hours) ensures that you can finish your writing uninterrupted anywhere without having to worry about power. You won’t be stuck with the charging wires and the power plugs. It’s a hassle to carry those around.
  • Its Rapid Charge technology provides 80% capacity in just an hour. So you can charge your laptop during a 60-minute break.

This contribution was submitted by Arthur Ruth from Memphis Maids

Writing can be something that can be done from your home, this is a flexible machine that is pretty useful if you make designs or consume a lot of content and it happens to be that you are a writer then this laptop is for you. Lenovo makes great machines, durable and they are at the right price.

This contribution was submitted by Arthur Ruth from Memphis Maids

Ideapad is a great laptop, cheap and practical. This one is a touchscreen, so perfect to read other blogs and work on your own. This feature in a laptop is something that you won’t know that you need it until you try it. while you write you can change the page quickly, or zoom in and out like if it was your phone. Great laptop at a great price.

This contribution was submitted by Arthur Ruth from Memphis Maids

Thinkpads are the most reliable laptops on the market, they simply never break. If you are more adventurous and love to go out this is the laptop for you. The battery lasts forever and it’s easy to repair and upgrade. So, if you move all the time this is the laptop for you! As a writer, you can travel a lot. So get a reliable machine.

This contribution was submitted by Sean Fitzjohn from Producer Hive

As a freelance writer who is often on-the-go, working from cafes (and wherever I can leech off free wifi) — the lightweight but sturdy nature of the laptop fits my mobile needs perfectly. It comes in several processor/RAM configurations depending on your needs, but what I particularly liked was that the price wasn’t inflated with a ridiculously fast GPU.

As someone who has barely any time for video games, I was looking for a laptop that satisfied performance, but without the bells and whistles. As a writer, the keyboard is arguably the most important factor. It has to feel good. The Dell XPS 13’s keyboard satisfies in terms of comfort, placement and ergonomics, making it one of the best laptops for writers I’ve had the opportunity to try.

This contribution was submitted by Sonny Davies from JustWin Marketing

A quality, lightweight laptops – the Ideapad is a one of the best value-driven laptops available making it perfectly affordable laptop for writers. Priced at around $400, it doesn’t take many book sales to pay for it! It comes with a 3.0GHz AMD Quad-Core processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, a 1TB hard drive – perfect for storing your library. A fee useful USB B and USB C ports and is thin and lightweight, easy to transport to and from the library and coffee shops.

This contribution was submitted by Rachel Davidson from Watchdog Pest Control

The ASUS VivoBook F510UA is the perfect option for writers out there. This netbook includes all the powerful configurations in its 0.8 thin profile which weighs only 3.7 pounds. It’s compact enough to carry anywhere at any time, bringing your work and other writing projects with you. It boasts of a 15.6-inch full HD display with WideView technology that offers clear hues and an accurate viewing angle.

Its ultra-narrow 0.3 ASUS NanoEdge bezel supports an incredible 80% screen-to-body ratio which gives you an amazing visual experience that’s known in ASUS laptops. So far, this laptop is powered by the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U processor with turbo boost up to 3.4GHz, backed by 8GB of RAM and the Intel UHD 620 graphics gives you smooth working experience with better visual. On top of that, providing a full sti=orage combination which is 128GB of fast SSD + 1TB of huge HDD to back up files and date bot for personal and work, which is every writer’s dream.

This contribution was submitted by James from Marathonbet

This laptop is the ultimate choice for any blogger or writer who works extensively with the tech world. With an 11.6 display screen, a reasonably impressive1366 x 768 HD resolution and an energy-efficient LED backlight, it’s the choice for those who want to take their passion 24/7. The Lenovo 130S posseses an Intel N4000 Entry-level dual-core processor for general e-mail, Internet and productivity tasks such as blogging, drafting or publishing. What’s more, it has a 4GB worth of memory and comes with a year subscription to Microsoft Office.

This contribution was submitted by Raquel Ponce from RoadBotics

I really didn’t want to like this laptop. Long ago, I made the switch to a Windows Surface laptop. However, it’s not the best for writers. I didn’t realize the difference until I received a MacBook Air from my job. Here are my main arguments.

Keyboard: As a part of the marketing team, my primary duties are to develop and produce content for our blog. My hands are inherently glued to my keyboard. MacBook Air’s keys are thin and sensitive, allowing me to work quickly and comfortably. It has ruined the other laptops for me. I can’t help but compare the keys to my Surface, which are thicker and not as smooth to press.

Weight: I walk to work every day, so weight is an essential factor when I shop for laptops. The MacBook Air is so light I sometimes forget it’s even there.

Battery: Apple boasts the battery can last up to 12 hours. As a writer, and I’m sure you understand, I always have multiple tabs and a few applications open. I’ll be honest. My laptop does not always make it to 12 hours; it usually lasts 8 hours. However, what is fantastic about this product, and the reason I recommend it is the recharge time. The lithium-ion battery enables it to reach 80% swiftly, and unlike other batteries, the capacity diminishes slowly, so you know this laptop will last you a while.

This contribution was submitted by Melanie Musson from ExpertInsuranceReviews

This laptop has everything you need and want as a writer. First of all, the i7 processor is as fast as possible so you won’t waste any time waiting. The 17-inch screen lets you see what you’re doing clearly without squinty. It has a touch screen which is a convenient bonus. It’s well-made so you can carry it along to wherever you’re working without worrying about it breaking down.

This contribution was submitted by Andrea Loubier from Mailbird

When you find yourself writing for 10 hours straight on a tight deadline for content for your new feature launch, you’ll definitely appreciate the curve to the keys, which makes striking them a much more natural experience. Plus, the processor is quick, and there’s no problem in keeping multiple windows open for research.

This contribution was submitted by Angela Ash from Flow SEO

If you are a true writer, than you’ll write just about anywhere, whether it be the bus, as a passenger in a car or on the Starbucks counter while you’re waiting on your latte. The versatility of this machine allows you to utilize it as a regular laptop, or you can flip it the other way to use it as a tablet, complete with a touchscreen. Additionally, it’s 8gb of RAM make it possible to keep numerous tabs for research open at the same time. By the way, have you ever looked at a writer’s browser history?

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