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6 Best Laptops Architects Need To Consider

Architectural renderings come out in no time with these powerful beasts

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Architecture has a lot of tough criteria for laptops. Internals capable of running specific software and for producing renders are a prerequisite. More specifically, the RAM and graphics paired with a similarly powerful CPU are needed if you want to be productive at your job or studies.

That’s why we’re recommending the top laptops of this year that are powerful enough to run programs like Smartdraw, ensuring that no time is wasted. Apart from the powerful internals, which many laptops have, we’ve also prioritized longevity and build quality. If spending a lot of money for a laptop is inevitable, you may as well focus on getting something that lasts.

This contribution was submitted by Brett Elron from Barter Design

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the flagship laptop for convenience and portability. This sleek laptop features tablet like functionality while still packing enough power to handle architectural software like AutoCAD or SketchUp. If you opt for the highest upgraded Surface Pro 6, you will receive an upgraded i7 processor (i5 in other models), 512 gb Solid State Drive, and 16 gb or RAM. These upgrades help to ensure that you have the processing power to handle these computing intensive software, and ensure you don’t have any slowdowns like you might experience in the lower models of the Surface Pro 6. If you are an architect that is constantly on the go, then this sleek laptop is the best choice for you.

This contribution was submitted by Brett Elron from Barter Design

MSI’s P65 Creator has been designed for architects and designers specifically in mind. This laptop is built with the latest Intel i7-8750H processor, 32 gb of RAM, a GTX 1070 8gb dedicated graphics card, and an excellent 144hz anti–glare display. This laptop is built with performance in mind while still featuring a relatively lightweight and slim design. By featuring a dedicated graphics card rather than the traditional integrated graphics card, you are given a huge improvement in processing power for graphic heavy software like AutoCad. Overall this laptop is hard to beat on a performance basis, and it’s 15.6 inch display makes it a great choice for any architect looking for a new laptop.

This contribution was submitted by Laurie Rivers from GigabyteUSA

Hands down the GIGABYTE Aero15 OLED offers architects the power and elegance needed to create and display designs, 3D projects and present concepts/models to clients. The AERO15 OLED by GIGABYTE Notebooks was created with design in mind, the powerful Intel i9 CPU paired with Nvidia RTX studio GPU is the only laptop available calibrated to ensure greater stability and optimal performance. The world’s first AI laptop the AERO15 comes equipped with Microsoft Azure AI to enhance power usage with the click of a button, no more tweaking the power use settings. The deep learning of Microsoft Azure AI goes beyond configuration of power, it learns how the user operates individually ensure optimal performance regardless of workflow style. This makes more room for Nvidia RTX Studio’s onboard AI to tackle the per application use helping users reduce repetitive tasks to free up design time. Each AERO15 unit is calibrated to ensure a color safe environment right out of the box with X-rite Pantone ensuring ADOBE RBG is right on target. All of the enhanced performance calibration ensures the ultimate creator laptop experience enhanced further with the stunning OLED display offering design professionals the perfect platform to create and present their work to clients with stunning results.

This contribution was submitted by Kayla Hein from Modern Castle

I’d recommend Alienware for architects looking for excellent performance for 3D modeling and processing renderings. A high performance graphics card and large screen size are two key elements that make an effective laptop for these purposes. Many gaming laptops may fit the bill here, comparing specs alone. What I like about Alienware is it’s combination of excellent graphics with fast processor speed. It’s relatively sleek and has a good assortment of ports and plugs for working at home, in the office, or when visiting clients. Plus the glowing LEDs doesn’t hurt anything when it comes to swag-points.

This contribution was submitted by Kayla Hein from Modern Castle

This sleek Dell laptop is a 2-in-1 system, so it can work seamlessly between workflow and presenting to clients. The screen is large, but the overall body is lightweight and easy to throw in your bag on your way out of the office. There’s a good amount of storage on the SSD so you can store files directly on the drive or upload larger files to the cloud to review later. For presentations outside of the office, it’s hard to beat the versatility of a 2-in-1 laptop system. As a final bonus, this laptop includes an HDMI port so you can plug into clients’ in-office TV if you’re presenting to a larger group.

This contribution was submitted by Kayla Hein from Modern Castle

This budget laptop comes in slightly over $500 but has a nice balance of features, power, and performance. It’s not the fastest on the market and the graphics performance may not be able to handle 3D renderings or video animation, but if you’re old school and prefer working in 2D CAD draftings, this laptop would certainly meet your needs. It’s thin, light, and includes a variety of access ports for variable workflow. It uses a solid state harddrive and has a large 1T storage capacity so there’s plenty of room for all of your files.

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