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4 Ultimate Keyboards For Under $200 Taking Typing To Another Level

Tired of mushy chiclet style laptop keyboards? Step right this way…

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At a certain point in the keyboard market, you’re getting the ultimate experience in terms of typing. We’ve come a long way from typewriters.

In the grand scheme of things, shelling out under $200 for experiences like this makes it worth it. Especially if you’re typing everyday – you’ll start to look forward to answering emails and typing out to do lists. It’s that sort of effect these higher end key switches have on your fingers.

The key switches on these keyboards are usually configurable, too. Whether you prefer a louder click, stronger actuation force, these keyboards are flexible at checkout to adjust to your preferences. They all have incredible (mostly metal) build quality that make a stand out addition to any workspace. It’s going to be one of those purchases that you’ll keep praising yourself for.

Apple Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

This product was recommended by Dan Gower from Buddy Gardner Advertising

This wireless Bluetooth keyboard looks sharp in both colors (though I prefer the gray and black look), offers a full numeric keyboard, and is pleasant to type on. It’s easy to recharge even when in use, which means no more wasting batteries every few days.

Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

This product was recommended by Simon Hansen from Home Brew Advice

The Logitech Ergonomic Keyboard is equipped with perfect stroke keys, adjustable palm lift, and comes with a pillowed wrist rest that improves typing posture and ergonomics. This keyboard is perfect for hardcore and long term use.

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

This product was recommended by Marcus Clarke from Searchant

I try to go against the flow whenever possible – but the Razer Huntsman keyboard is too good to go against. Everyone loves it, and with good reason – it’s gorgeous, mechanical, and does everything you’d want and more.

Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard

This product was recommended by Natasha Espinosa from GreenRoom

This patented keyboard is the world’s first mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable switches which let you simply pop out a switch just like a keycap, allowing for an infinite number of combinations – no soldering required. The Glorious GMMK is designed with an attention to detail, featuring discreet LED indicators, a professional-grade aluminum faceplate, and high-quality gold-plated USB cable creating a minimalistic gaming keyboard that doesn’t look obnoxious and delivers a premium look and feel.

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