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This article showcases our top picks for the ‘Best Mousepad For Vertical Mouse’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Mad Catz The Authentic G.L.I.D.E. 38″ Gaming Mouse Pad

This product was recommended by Yasir Shamim from PureVPN

With pads more so than arguably any other part of your PC gaming setup, it’s all down to personal preference. Some like a lot of control, some like their pads to be as speedy as possible. That being said, the general consensus around us enthusiasts here is that the AMP 500 in particular, the G.L.I.D.E. 38 (or a smaller variant if you’re not looking for desk size pads), the Artisan Pads (though I’ve never tried one myself, including the beloved Raiden and Hayate Otsu, though I am very close to getting them) and the Cordura pads — the ROG Scabbard, SPC Endorphy or MP510 — are the best overall choices, or at the very least pads you should look at if you’re considering getting a new pad without having a particular idea in mind.

Gimars Ergonomic Mouse Pad

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Top Vouchers Code

This improved version of the popular model has an additional groove to fit most wrists perfectly. The consumers say the alignment is just right when the pad and the rest used simultaneously. Both pieces have grip backing; you can set them up according to your preference.

MROCO Gel Wrist Mousepad

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Top Vouchers Code

Verified reviewers give this amazing model a solid 4.75 rating. This mousepad comes in two different shapes. It has a non-slip ultra-flexible pad to stay put while you work. Any mouse can easily glide on the Lycra surface.

Hard Silver Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad Mat

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Hard Silver Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad is designed to compatible with all the mouse on the market, such as, laser, optical, and mechanical mice, especially for a wireless mouse. Both of the sides have special designs, the metal side is made of aircraft-grade Aluminium Alloy, the PU leather side is carefully designed with tiny lines, you can choose any side to use.

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