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9 Best Mouse Pads For Under 20 | MousePad Buying Guide

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This article showcases our top picks for the ‘Best Mouse Pad Under 20’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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AmazonBasics Gel Mouse Pad

This product was recommended by Agnieszka Cejrowska from Profesjonalne Pozycjonowanie

This mouse pad is of very high quality despite the low price tag. I have been using it for the months and there is no sign of wear and tear. It doesn’t glide on the desk either which is a very important factor because sometimes the heat of a moment I just move the mouse around like a maniac. I also like the fact that the wrist support is filled with gel it feels great and does provide support and comfort. I have never regretted that purchase.

Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad

This product was recommended by Jennie Powell from Tree Duck Design

This is a great mouse mat. It’s double-sided – aluminium on one side and therefore cool in the summer and leather on the other side. No slippage whatsoever. It looks really slick and comes with stickers to damp down any sound made from the mouse on the pad. I haven’t actually found it necessary to use these. My mouse runs smoothly and quietly across it. Being made from aluminium metal, it is super easy to clean and it could literally last a lifetime. For a mouse pad less than £20 lasting a lifetime, that’s got to be pinacle for value for money.

QCK Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

The SteelSeries QcK is a soft pad with a micro-woven cloth surface and an anti-skid rubber bottom, representing the standard mouse pad design we’ve all known since the ’90s. Does everything you need a mouse pad to do with no bells and whistles, soft and comfortable while remaining responsive enough for tasks like gaming, non-skid rubber base, and it’s an unbeatable value at $10

Corsair Gaming MM600 Double-Sided Mouse Mat

This product was recommended by Matt Scott from Termite Survey

Pros: Two strong surfaces of varying friction ratios, a wide operating space, very sturdy polymer and aluminum structure, simple to clean and reliable plastics are much longer-lasting than soft fabric mouse pads. Cons: Rough surfaces are not as convenient to use over long periods of time, so the rubber legs need a perfectly flat surface to sit on.

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

This product was recommended by Lesley Reynolds from Harley Street Skin Clinic

If you’re searching for a very well-made, no-frills, no-nonsense mouse pad, and 10 dollars is what you’re prepared to spend, the SteelSeries QcK is the best which you’re aiming to figure at this cost.

3M Precise Mouse Pad

This product was recommended by Vikram Tarugu from Detox of South Florida

Pros: Sturdy leatherette-coated gel-filled wrist rest for enhanced convenience, the 3 M Specific micro-coated coating provides optical mouse input and is extremely accessible. Cons: The pad is susceptible to curling somewhat over time at the edges.

Ice Rabbit Mouse Pad

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

A fabulous mouse pad for $9 only, available in pretty beautiful prints to keep you fresh. Thick and smooth surface for every type of mouse and bottom surface is non slip that will not bother you at work.

Ktrio Extended Gaming Mouse Pad XL

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from QuickQuote

This mouse pad is everything you need in a mouse pad. It is huge; You won’t have to worry about having to constantly reposition your mouse to keep it on the pad. There’s even enough room to keep your keyboard on the mouse pad along with the mouse. The technical lycra surface allows for precision. The non-slip grip on the underneath side keeps the mouse pad securely in one place. It’s made from quality materials and designed to last.

Hard Silver Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Hard Silver Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad is designed to compatible with all the mouse on the market, such as laser, optical, and mechanical mice, especially for a wireless mouse. Both of the sides have special designs, the metal side is made of aircraft-grade Aluminium Alloy, the PU leather side is carefully designed with tiny lines, you can choose any side to use.

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