The Grape Controversy: Final Fantasy XIV’s Low-Poly Fruit Fix

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Key Takeaways

– Square Enix has released a new patch for Final Fantasy XIV, addressing various issues and adding new content.
– The patch includes a fix for the low-poly grapes in the Labyrinthos area, which became a meme within the FFXIV community.
– The buffed grapes now have a smoother appearance, but some players preferred the original blocky aesthetic.

The Release of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, the latest expansion for the popular MMORPG, was highly anticipated by fans. The expansion introduced new areas, quests, and features, expanding the already vast world of Eorzea. However, as with any major update, there were bound to be some bugs and issues that needed to be addressed.

The Labyrinthos Area and the Low-Poly Grapes

One of the new areas introduced in Endwalker was Labyrinthos, a mysterious and enchanting location. However, players quickly noticed that the grapes in this area had a strange appearance. The grapes were low-poly, meaning they had a blocky and pixelated look. This was a departure from the usual level of detail found in the game, and it caught the attention of the FFXIV community.

The Grape Meme and Community Reactions

As soon as players discovered the low-poly grapes, they began sharing screenshots and videos of the peculiar fruit. The blocky grapes quickly became a meme within the FFXIV community, with players joking about their unusual appearance. Some players found the grapes endearing and embraced their unique charm, while others found them distracting and out of place in the otherwise visually stunning game.

Square Enix’s Response and the Buffed Grapes

Square Enix, the developer of Final Fantasy XIV, took notice of the grape meme and the community’s reactions. In response, they released a patch that addressed various issues, including the low-poly grapes in Labyrinthos. The patch increased the polygon count of the grapes, resulting in a smoother and more detailed appearance. This change aimed to bring the grapes in line with the visual quality of other objects in the game.

The Debate: Blocky vs. Smooth Grapes

The buffed grapes received mixed reactions from the FFXIV community. Some players appreciated the improved visuals, as the grapes now looked more realistic and visually appealing. They felt that the smoother grapes added to the overall immersion and enjoyment of the game. On the other hand, there were players who preferred the original blocky aesthetic. They argued that the low-poly grapes had a certain charm and uniqueness that made them stand out in the game world.

Final Thoughts on the Patch and the Grape Controversy

The release of the patch addressing the low-poly grapes in Final Fantasy XIV’s Labyrinthos area sparked a lively debate within the community. While some players were pleased with the smoother and more detailed grapes, others missed the blocky charm of the original design. Ultimately, the grape controversy highlighted the passion and engagement of the FFXIV community, as well as Square Enix’s commitment to addressing player feedback and improving the game.

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Written by Martin Cole


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