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The Best Computer Desks For Gaming | Buying Guide

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This article showcases our top picks for the ‘Computer Desks For Gaming’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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AuAg 55 inch Racing Style Gaming Desk

This product was recommended by Jeremy Bongiorno from Studio Frequencies

The AuAg workstation is a great desk for those looking for a minimalist, but effective gaming setup. The tabletop surface space is massive. You can be sure that you have plenty of maneuverability. In addition, you’ll have enough room for a triple-monitor setup. That large tabletop also comes completely covered by a 3mm thick waterproof mouse pad, which is an interesting addition. There aren’t a lot of extra features to this desk, but there is a cupholder, headphone hook, and leveling guides. All in all, this desk is a flexible option for all gaming setups.

Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped Glass

This product was recommended by Jeremy Bongiorno from Studio Frequencies

If you’re looking for an ultra-stylish desk with loads of functionality, then this Walker Edison 3-piece L-shaped workstation is a worthy option. It sits at an ideal 29” high and sports a universal CPU stand. The L-Shaped design is convenient and offers a good amount of surface space. It’s worth noting that you should be careful with this desk considering the glass design adds some overall fragility. At the end of the day, this desk offers a lot in it’s good looks and sturdy build quality. I’ve seen some creative things that people have done to this desk too, like stringing some RGB lights under the glass. It’s a versatile option for that gamer looking to add a little flair to their setup.

Casaottima L Shaped Desk

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Top Vouchers Code

If you’re truly an avid gamer looking to spend some dough and get the perfect setup for your gaming activities then the Casaottime L Shaped Desk is the perfect gaming desk for you and here are a few reasons why. Even though it has a large design with dimensions 51”(L) x 51(L) x 18.2(L) x 29.5(H), there is still pretty much legroom for you to sit in comfort, heck you can even fit a lazy chair underneath it and you’ll still have enough room to stretch your legs. It has a two way monitor shelf due to its L shaped so, if you’re looking to expand your field view while gaming this desk is perfect. The Casaottima L Shaped Desk also has a shelve stud for you to set aside your laptop, tablet, and even your smartphone so, all of your electronic essentials simply fit right into a simple table. Last but not least the price of this amazing gaming desk is only $99.99 so you can rest assured that for a decent some of the money this is the best buy you’ll get.

Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

This product was recommended by Susan Thompson from Topp Casino Bonus

As far as I have experienced, it’s not easy to play games on a standard desk due to its compact space, less sturdy, and poor cable management, especially when you are a pro gamer. When it comes to the best gaming desk, space is the priority every gamer looks for. The more room we have, it’s easy for us to locate everything we need, keep the clutter down, and focus on gaming. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk has adjustable leg pads, which give you the option to adjust the height according to your comfort and keep the desk steady even on uneven ground without wobbling. It comes with a fully covered mouse pad, which makes it super handy. It comes in a 60 L 27.6 W 29.5 H dimension, which guarantees your comfort and concentration. The reason for suggesting this Gaming desk is not only getting enough space and sturdiness, but also it comes with one smart USB gaming handle rack where you can charge your phone, iPad, or headphones in a single place.

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