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If you Spend a lot of time Staring at Screens these are the Computer Glasses for You

Protect your eyes with these Computer Glasses

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Protect your eyes with a reliable pair of computer glasses. Starting at screens for extended periods of time can be unavoidable, but can also cause unwanted side effects, which is why computer glasses are so important. Find a pair for you below.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from 90s Fashion World

This Blocking glasses have great shape and they are a great inexpensive option if you are not sure about what good computer glasses will do for you. This model from Prospek is great if you also need magnifying lenses. The shape is nice to look at, and will look great on any face shape, plus they are light!

Gunnar Intercept Gaming Glasses

This product was recommended by Aminur Rahman from The Machineries

We know that computer screen releases Blue Lights which is very harmful for human eyes. Blue light can damage sensitive cells in the retinas and nobody want that. Gunnar Intercept computer glass prevent 65% of Blue-light. It also has anti-reflective coating which reduce strain & dryness of your eyes. In addition to that, this computer glass offers prescription lenses for all users.


This product was recommended by Priscilla Manzo from Topfoxx

Eyewear is always an essential—whether you need sunglasses to protect your eyes outdoors or need anti-blue light specs while working, we provide the functionality you need in gorgeous styles.

ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This product was recommended by Stephanie Lane from SafeSpaceHub

ANRRI Computer Glasses are a fantastic pick when considering which blue light glasses you want for your office. These glasses have a timeless classic look that has the advantage of being unisex. Their lightweight design makes them comfortable to wear all day and their classic look will make you want to wear them all the time.

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