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Find the Best Computer Desks For Home Office – Expert Recommendations

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Computer Desks For Home Office. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Verve Desk Chair

This product was recommended by Chris Wilson from Smart Furniture

The Verve Desk Chair has been an extremely popular option during the Great Work-From-Home Migration. It has been described as having perfect ergonomic simplicity and is offered at an approachable price point.

VECELO Corner Computer Writing Smooth Keyboard Tray & Storage Shelves

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Top Vouchers Code

Corner desk table with keyboard tray and two open shelves on the side is best for home desk and provides you with plenty of room to store your documents and files. It can be placed in any space. Bedroom, living room or studio anywhere you like it.

SEI Furniture Willingham Wall Mount Folding Desk

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from Top Vouchers Code

Wall Mount Folding Desk, perfect for small rooms and apartment. This wall-mounted beautiful desk comes in white colour and can be mounted at any height. The cherry on the top is the storage and shelving space; this amazingly designed computer table provides you with while maintaining a small profile.

MZGH Island Writing Computer Desk

This product was recommended by Mario Cacciottolo from Blexr

I love this MZGH Island desk because it’s got everything – a compact space to work from, a built-in filing area and a great look that will be stylish in any space. Personally, I don’t like big desks because I spread papers and notebooks and pencils and cups of coffee all over them, if there’s the space to do so. Having an adequate but limited desk area forces me to stay tidy and only use what I really need for my daily work. I also have occasional pieces of paper to file and notebooks to store, so having a built-in filing space within arm’s length is really handy. The wood finish looks super in my home office, and will suit any space at all, whether its decor is modern or more traditional. I suggest having a smaller chair, rather than a large office one, as the desk looks so good that you don’t really want to hide it behind a large seat. The finish is lovely too, nothing like natural wood to make a functional space look warmer and feel like a comfortable place to be working from.

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

This product was recommended by Joe Flanagan from VelvetJobs

This desk is perfect for home office use. Due to its L-shape it utilizes as much space as possible. This desk is also comfortable with plenty of space under the thighs and also plenty of legroom. It’s a bonus I have places to store my documents and work folders.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Brandon Ballweg from ComposeClick

I do a lot of work from home so I needed a comfortable desk that was going to stand the test of time. I ended up getting the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk. I have come to really love this desk. It looks really good so it looks like a decorative piece in my house. It’s very sturdy and doesn’t wobble. And it raises and lowers electronically so you can stand while working when you need to stretch your muscles and you can adjust it to the perfect height, whether you’re standing or sitting.

Coleshome Computer Desk

This product was recommended by Virginie from FCER

Modern and elegant, this desk is ideal for any home office. It can fit in a corner of the living room or a bedroom. Simple in style, it stays really functional. It’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, and very easy to clean. Available in different sizes, its surface offers plenty of room for your devices and whatever other essentials you need close at hand.

Walker Edison Modern

This product was recommended by Virginie from FCER

Simple but versatile desk, this desk easy to modify to suit your needs. It joins two desks for even more space. This desk is perfect for any professionals or students working from home. It has plenty of space for dual monitors, for a computer and a writing area. It has also a slide-out tray for a keyboard. Stylish, the sleek lines of the frame and the tempered glass desktop work well with multiple decors.

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro

This product was recommended by Virginie from FCER

This adjustable standing desk effortlessly raises from as low as 25.6-inches (standard desk height) up to as tall as 51.4-inches off the ground? It is high enough for even tall professionals to use comfortably while standing. The large desktop provides plenty of space for you to spread out your work. A slight concave cutaway section adds comfort by making it easier to reach items on the desk and to rest your forearms at the proper angle while typing.

Adjustable Height L-Desk

This product was recommended by Josh Sutton from Countdown City Creative

In a time where everyone is working from home and buying all the standing desks, one of them stood apart. The Uline has been amazing and was delivered to my door within the week.

Mega Stand Steady Standing Desk Converter

This product was recommended by Dr. Allen Conrad from Montgomery County Chiropractic Center

The stand steady mega standing desk will help prevent neck pain from constantly looking downward at the keyboard” states Dr. Allen Conrad, BS, DC, CSCS of Montgomery County Chiropractic Center in North Wales Pa. Repetitive leaning over a keyboard while typing at the computer can lead to many problems. These include neck and back pain, referral cervicogenic headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome to name a few. By using a standing desk, you can perform your activities with proper posture and form, and this standing desk allows that. It has an extra wide tabletop which can accommodate two monitors and a laptop, and it has adjustable legs which is good for people who are taller.

Defy Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Dr. Allen Conrad from Montgomery County Chiropractic Center

The Defy standing desk is another option for those with neck and shoulder pain from prolonged typing. This desk allows quick and easy transition between sitting and standing, which can alleviate the aches and pains associated with sitting in one position for prolonged times. The Defy desk is durable and easy to change heights, and this flexibility will be helpful for maintaining proper posture and ease of transition between sitting and standing.

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