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Best Computer Glasses For Eye Strain | Protect Your Eyes

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This article showcases our top picks for the ‘Best Computer Glasses For Eye Strain’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed to the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Ray-Ban Lutina RX5017A 2000

This product was recommended by George Petropoulos from PassiveTactics

I have been working in front of a computer screen for more than 12 hours per day the past 6 years. i have tried other brands and qualities blue light blocking lenses. The Tokai Lutina lenses changed my life. While most blue light lenses block 70% of the blue light, these block 94% of the blue light HEV from 400 to 420 nm, from entering and damaging the lutein in our eyes. I could feel the difference from the first hour wearing them. Much better that any other lenses I have used. I got mine prescribed as I have been wearing glasses for nearsightedness anyway. They were quite expensive but definitely worth it.

Zenni – Blokz Blue Blocker Computer Glasses

This product was recommended by Ross Lipschultz from Taylor

Blokz are blue-light-blocking lenses to help protect your eyes all day, indoors and out. They are made with a unique polymer incorporated into the lens that filters out harmful UV & blue light from digital screens, artificial light, and the sun.

Davy Blue Free

This product was recommended by Glenn Johnson from GlennLuxe

Blue Light can create Digital Eye Strain, which can lead to fatigue and headaches. NEW–Blue Free Optical Lenses block 100% of the blue light spectrum to reduce the harmful effects of damaging blue light. Most “near clear” lenses sold today only block a percentage of Blue Light at its Peak of 455 nanometers on the light scale. This is where the “spike” in Blue Light occurs. If you do not block 100% you are only doing 50%, 40% or less of the job necessary to help your eyes. Using a unique Patented process–Blue Free Optical utilizes natural pigments of Melanin built right into the lens to filter 100% of the spike of Blue Light on the color spectrum that surrounds us – but allows you to SEE all the other colors clearly, we call this MAXIMUM COLOR PERCEPTION. Our lenses come in DAYTIME or NIGHTTIME styles. Blue Free Daytime lenses reduce digital eye strain, headaches and stress levels, leaving your eyes and mind feeling more relaxed. Blue Free Nighttime lenses reduced Blue Light exposure at night allows our bodies to reset and produce necessary Melatonin, allowing for better, natural sleep cycles and better health overall. BLUE FREE OPTICAL is currently in a beta-launch, and will be revamping their website in the coming weeks, including additional NEW frames and information. Styles range from $129 to $139, and include YOUTH styles as well, and are excellent for gamers.

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