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Our Top 9 Favorite Computer Games Produced in the 90s

The Best Computer Games Produced in the 90s

Image by Tomasz Mikołajczyk from Pixabay

The 90s saw the creation of some classic cult favorites, and these are our top picks for the best games from this era. You may be able to find some of your old favorite games that you perhaps hadn’t thought about for years below.

Re-Volt by Acclaim

This product was recommended by Tejas Nair from Nair Tejas

Re-Volt by Acclaim Entertainment remains one of my favourite 90s computer games. A racing game similar to Mario Kart where in addition to good-old arcade RC-control racing you also have weapons (electric current, bowling ball, fire) that you can use to attack your opponents.

As a child, I used to spend hours playing this on my Windows PC. And now that I’m in quarantine, I have gone back and installed it again on Windows 10. Happily, it worked and I’m reliving those good old days of oldschool miniature racing.

The racing tracks of supermarket, museum, and toy store are what added glory to this legendary game that has since achieved cult status among players which has also spawned an online multiplayer version. Acclaim is defunct now but Re-Volt has managed to carry on its legacy.

DOOM Eternal: Standard Edition

This product was recommended by Shayan Fatani from PureVPN

The game revolutionized the industry as it was the first game to give FPS (First person shooters) recognition. The gameplay lasted 30 seconds with enough sequence of actions to make it pleasurable and not monotonous regardless of the repetition. What gave DOOM 1993 the edge when compared to other FPS at the time, was the fact that wizards behind its development made it look like it was three dimensional, though the maps were built in 2D, with the perfect balance of gore and guns.

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

This product was recommended by Milos Djordjevic from SaveMyCent

One of the pioneers of the RTS-genre of games, when Warcraft was released in 1994, a new era of PC gaming was born. Warcraft pioneered the concept of real-time strategy in a resource-based game, which was akin to playing a board game such as Katan or Risk without taking turns. Players would choose between humans, the good guys, or orcs which were the invading bad guys.

The game consisted of harvesting and developing raw materials in order to win the war against the opponent. This all happened in real-time, and players would build their armies and fortifications to prepare for battle.

The success of Warcraft would then create a sequel a few years later, leading up to Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne which would top the charts in 2003 wheen it was released. Consequently, this opened up the door for Blizzard to literally use the world of Warcraft, to create what has become the best selling MMO of all time, World of Warcraft.

MechCommander Gold

This product was recommended by Kevin Miller from The Word Counter

Fantastic old game, overhead RTS, graphics great for the time, even an interesting backstory (and some related novels and old paperbacks you can still find)!

Myst – PC

This product was recommended by Ljubica Cvetkovska from DealsOnCannabis

Myst confused many gamers when it came out since right from the start you can tell your in for a life-changing experience. The game takes you across several worlds, namely the magical island of Myst in order to solve puzzles. It plays as a point and click adventure in a similar fashion to King’s Quest, where you interact with your environment.

With the eerie music, sound effects and general ambient, Myst really takes you to a different world. In terms of difficulty, it was very hard to figure out the puzzles and figuring out the complex storyline can take weeks. On top of that, the game was non-linear and open-ended, allowing you to go about your adventure as you please. What I loved about it the most was the multiple endings, since you could always go back and replay the game for a completely different ending.

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

This product was recommended by Alice Bedward from Flyparks

Fallout was ranked as the fourth (2001), tenth (2005), 13th (2007), 21st (2008) and seventh (2010) best PC game of all time by PC Gamer, and was inducted into Hall of Fame of Computer Gaming World, GameSpot, GameSpy, and IGN. First released in 1997, the title was met with favourable critical reception and commercial success, selling in excess of 600,000 copies.

Drawing on its post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic setting, the game focuses on an unnamed inhabitant of a Vault, part of a network of long-term fallout shelters, who is forced to venture out into the nuclear wasteland to find a replacement Water Chip to save their fellow Vault inhabitants.

SimCity: Limited Edition

This product was recommended by D. Gilson from ExpertInsuranceReviews

I am a definite child of the 90s, from Nirvana to Britney Spears. As soon as my family got a Gateway computer for Christmas – in that signature cow print box – my mom and I went to Best Buy and bought SimCity. I loved the game because it was a simple concept: building a city as if you were god (or, well, a city manager). But really, what impresses me now looking back on the game is how much of the gaming and entertainment world it was on the forefront of, from all the new Sims products to reality television to Pinterest, all things that allow us to be in control and make our own reality.

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

This product was recommended by Dave Alce from All Day Shoe

With so much competition within the genre, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings managed to stand out upon release. Unlike other RTS titles of the time, this one was set in a realistic Medieval Europe where players had to play through actual historical battles. The game’s audio was also ahead of its time due to the authentic voice-over work. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is now considered a classic of the genre.

Total Annihilation – PC

This product was recommended by Jose Gomez from Evinex

I was born in 1988, so I enjoyed 90’s videogames like crazy. I played dozens of videogames, but I will always remember Total Annihilation. This is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorites. At the time, it looked very futuristic, and it was a great strategy game. It has a fantastic soundtrack, and the visual effects were excellent. I have to say I still play it every once in a while.

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