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Brighten Up Your Computer Desk with these Lamps

The Best Computer Desk Lamps

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We recommend these Desk Lamps to add a stylish finishing touch to your desk. There are a range of options at various price points below.

AmazLit Desk Lamp with Clamp

This product was recommended by Bradley Stevens from LLC Formations

I have chosen this lamp because of its step-less dimming, adjustable temperature, and decent brightness. It has good coverage as it covers the entire standard desk area. The automatic delay-off function lets you sleep in bed calmly without worrying about electricity usage.

It would turn off at present – 10-40 minutes, automatically. The adjustable long swingarm keeps the lamp in the angle and position according to your personal need. Additionally, it saves space. Bookworms can quickly set it to reading more by one click. The lamp would start operating with the 4000K & 100% brightness for the pleasurable reading experience. Its highly efficient 98 LEDs save energy and could be controlled via wall switch.

TaoTronics TT-DL16 Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp

This product was recommended by Jane Flanagan from Tacuna Systems

The TaoTronics desk lamp is a stylish, lightweight, and effective desk lamp that is perfect for office desks. This lamp offers complete control with over 6 levels of brightness. It also has adjustable head and arm. This lamp comes with a 5v/2A USB port for ease of charging.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp Fast Wireless Charger

This product was recommended by Willie Greer from The Product Analyst

This is hands down, the best lamp I’ve owned. From the sleek design, easily adjustable build, 5 color modes, and 7 brightness levels, it’s a versatile lamp that can be adjusted to my liking. The best thing about it is the fast wireless charging for both Android and iOS phones! So when I’m working on my computer and my phone is with me, I can easily put it on the lamp base for a quick charge. I don’t have to stand up, look for my charger, plug it in, and return to my desk. I’ve owned and tested many other lamps in the past, but nothing quite as functional as the TaoTronics.

NovoLido Desk Lamp

This product was recommended by Stephanie Lane from SafeSpaceHub

NovoLido LED desk lamp is ideal for maximizing productivity in your workspace. Its saves room on your desk by having several essential items all in one. You’ll have a place to store your writing utensils, charge your mobile device, and an LED light for your desk. The price is amazing at just over $20. It has two color modes for the light. It also stores easily and has a flexible housing for the LED bulb.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

This product was recommended by Daniel Segun from SecureBlitz Cybersecurity Media

This desk lamp has a very stylish design. It is 16 inches in height with a light bar measuring 14 inches. It has a 400 lm luminous flux LED that generates mild lighting. It won’t strain your eyes as you read. The desk lamp rotates at 135 degrees for a flexible lighting experience. You can customize the lighting to your preference as there are five brightness levels and five color modes. It is effortless to control via a touch-sensitive panel. With the iSmart USB port feature, you can use this desk lamp to charge your phones and other gadgets. Finally, it weighs just 2.45 pounds, which makes it a lightweight product.

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This product was recommended by Mira Rakicevic from ComfyLiving

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp is perfect lighting for a computer desk if you like retro design and wood material. It requires E26 LED lightbulb, but it comes with one included. The height and angle are adjustable, which makes it a versatile lamp that can be used for other purposes or rooms. The LED light is comfortable for your eyes. Overall, it doesn’t have features like a USB charger or multi-level light, but it provides a pleasant, comfy atmosphere for your computer desk, which helps with productivity!

18 Double Cross Shoji Lamp

This product was recommended by Peter Head from Japanoscope

Why have a boring computer desk lamp? If you are already ensconced in the digital world of, say, Sword of the Samurai, Yakuza O or Onimusha Warlords, why not get into the spirit of it in the real world too with a traditional Japanese shoji lamp? Shoji (paper screen) lamps have been used in Japan for centuries to exude a subtle, soft & warm light.

Swing Arm Lamp

This product was recommended by Gaurav Pundir from Omggamer

This lamp comes with adjustable color temperature from 3000k to 5500k. One of the new feature of this lamp is timer, as per your need you can turn off the light with this timer. Lamp also comes with foldable arms to get maximize desk space. Personally I am also using this lamp and I found it very decent.

Fugetek Led Lamp

This product was recommended by Gaurav Pundir from Omggamer

Lamp is in morden look with touch sensor. Touch sensor helps to get it functional. It also comes with 5 brightness level, so as per the requirement you can adjust your light. It gives a morn look when put it on a table.

TW Lighting IVY-40WT The IVY LED Desk Lamp

This product was recommended by Gaurav Pundir from Omggamer

This is a small lamp with really good light intensity. This lamp is that it’s arm is flexible. So you can move the lamp in any direction. One of the best feature is you can charge your phone with the help of this lamp. As per the company it save 65% of the energy as compared to other companies.

Jukstg Led Lamp

This product was recommended by Gaurav Pundir from Omggamer

Lamp is similar to swing arm lamp but with additional feature which every looks for that is USB charging. This is a morden looking lamp with adjustable lighting which gives proper lighting to the desired area.

AFROG Led Lamp

This product was recommended by Gaurav Pundir from Omggamer

This lamp looks very elegant when place it on desk. Lamp comes up with wirless charging as well as usb charging for mobile phones. Lamp also comes with 5 brightness level which you can adjust through the dialup in the lamp.

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